Purrfect is a pet diary app for mobile; it is a fun and efficient way to track your cat's health and its needs.
The app will send you reminders on vet checks, shopping lists, and important dates. You can set your own reminders on any topic. 
Purrfect is also good for keeping all your cat photos in one folder and sharing with the world.


Purrfect is especially useful for:

* New pet owners
* People with more than one cat
* Vet assistants, cat sitters
* #CatsofInstagram

* Diary app users


The first screen is where you'll see the welcome screen.

After you logged in, you can choose one of your pets and view the relevant information. At the bottom of the screen, you can see when you last checked the app.


The gift icon means that today is Banana's birthday (Mazal Tov!) and that's where you'll see other icon notifications (e.g. time for vaccines).

Got a new cat? Purrfect. Tap the paw icon to create the new diary. To go back to the login menu from any screen: tap the app logo.


During the UX design process, I keep a simple and personal approach in mind. In this plan, the app's main screen (after you signed up and logged in) shows three main categories: Calendar, Shopping List and Photo Album.


In addition to these categories, there's a Daily Cat-Quote and a Photo of The Month contest. The image is set by Instagram relevant #hashtags and the number of 'likes'. To participate, tag your photo with #purrfectcat


When you tap one of the categories, a menu (list) slides down,
so you can read, add, or edit your notes. You can either open all the categories at the same time, or choose only one of them.


To remove a note: swipe the note to either side of the screen. To edit: tap on the text.

To add a new note:
1. click the "+" icon.
2. type text.
3. click "+" again.


Since we buy the same pet products every month or so, there is no need to re-enter the list every single time. Instead, once you add an item to the shopping list, it becomes a button: simply tap the button to check/uncheck an item.


Color code: there are three color categories - pet toys, health & nutrition. When you add a new item to the list, you can also set a color for it.

Delete a note: to delete a note, swipe it to either side of the screen. Paw icon: tap the paw icon to close a list (go back to the previous screen).


This mode will show up to 20 photos. However, you can add as many photos as you like (they'll be saved in a local folder on your device). To add and edit a new photo, you can either use your phone camera or upload a picture through the phone gallery.


Click an image to view it on full screen. Tap the text to edit the title/date of the image. Color filters will make the photo look more artsy and hipster. Add a short image title and insert any date. All ready? Click 'submit' to save/share your photo.


If you want to learn more about this project or any of my designs, let's talk.

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