project: Lead Spotting Desktop & Mobile app

LeadSpotting is an open-source intelligence company. 
In this project, I made both branding decisions & UI decisions.



LeadSpotting provides solutions for both governments and businesses,

who are looking for valuable information from open sources (with emphasis on social networks - such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).

B2B: LeadSpotting provides top solutions for market monitoring. 

The app can monitor and specifie any business market, recognizing strong influencers & their most effective content. It creates unique and accurate bussines opportunities.

Audiences screen - Select Audience


Freemium model - Demo Audiences


Branding & Style decisions

LeadSpotting already had an existing logo, but no brand design and no style guide.

The logo file I recieved was a resterized JPG file, so I couldn't change the size of it without hurting the image quality. 


My solution was to create a new and practical version of the same logo, one with a bold font and merged shapes, in a PNG/SVG vector file. That way, I could apply the logo in any required design, on any background and in every size needed, including icon size.


Color Palette:

The original LeadSpotting logo is in bright colors of blue and lime green;
this inspired me to create a harmonic color palette, and use bright colors to emphasis important information and menus.

Menu hierarchy examples

Influencer Overview - top posts

Side Navigation


Influencer Overview - methods (key subjects & common reactions)


The UI design I created is modern, elegant & tech; but most of all,

it's practical and convenient (which is a top priority for an informative app,
rich in many details).
It can be used on both PC and mobile.

More features:


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